15 low calorie diets effective on all lifestyle

15 low calorie diets , Its Bible.

There is no one diet that is the same for everyone. A low calorie diets does not follow, by far, the same guidelines for a sedentary woman as for a ‘runner’, as it is not the same if you go from giving up snacking or never eating at home.

When we considered writing an article with 15 different low calorie diets , the question that came to mind was “low calorie, but for whom?Because spending 8 hours a day sitting in front of the laptop and Desiring to drop a few pounds before summertime doesn’t match up with being an extremely dedicated athlete who has to be careful about what they consume so they do not gain extra mass. So we think about the majority of women around us to understand what they mean when they look for a type of low calorie diets.

We all know, more or less, which are the foods that contain fewer calories , and we have a fairly broad nutritional culture; We know tricks to avoid pecking, why we retain liquids or what is the reason why we are more hungry during our period. But despite strictly following some eating guidelines , there are many girls who find it difficult to lose weight . In order to come up with good examples of low calorie diets, we have spoken with several nutrition experts, to whom we have raised 15 different assumptions, all of them healthy .

Paloma Quintana, dietician nutritionist, food technologist and CEO of Nutrición con Q , explains that what is truly important is to know what a hypocaloric diet is , “because what is fair for you may be outrageous for me,” she explains. . And it is that calories are always linked to activity , it is as simple as how many you put into the body, and how many you burn. There’s no more. You can’t put all women on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, because one will burn 500, the second 1,500, and the third 2,500 calories. It is essential to know how they live, and what their daily activity and circumstances are , “says Paloma.” And the problem of not doing it well is that you run out of vitamins or minerals, or that your body adapts and your metabolism slows down, ending up apathetic and not wanting to do anything , “concludes the expert.

As general recommendations, Natalia Moragues , dietitian-nutritionist and pharmacist, advises not to follow a restrictive diet but, on the contrary, to increase the consumption of certain foods such as fruits and vegetables , “first of all, because they are very satisfying, since they contain fiber and that requires chewing them a lot,” says the expert.

The most important thing is that we do not lack protein. If we want to lose weight, we will have to take more protein than normal. Because protein does not equal calories or fat. Also, your skin will be beautiful if you don’t lose sight of antioxidants . “If you increase your consumption and lower your sugar intake, you will avoid glycation (a process by which skin proteins react with sugar, generating a breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, which harden). The healthier and more balanced Regardless of the diet you follow, your skin will look better. It will be more hydrated and perform its barrier function better “, explains the Medical Team of the Mira+Cueto Clinic (Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition).

1. Low calorie diets if you want to be sure that you will have the necessary vitamins

“With a diet based mainly on the consumption of fruits, vegetables and vegetables (always as a first course, adding legumes on some days) you will ensure a great intake of vitamins . With meat, fish, legumes, eggs and dairy, vitamins and minerals “, say from the Mira+Cueto Clinic. These are the main vitamins and minerals you need and where to find them:

  • Vitamin B 12: in meat, eggs, fish and milk
  • Vitamin C: in fruits, especially citrus fruits, and vegetables
  • Vitamin D: in fish oils (especially from salmon)
  • Vitamin E: in nuts and fresh fruits
  • Calcium: in dairy and legumes
  • Magnesium: in green leafy vegetables
  • Iron, phosphorus and zinc: in meats and eggs
  • Selenium: in fish

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Infusion or coffee with milk . Whole wheat bread with ham or turkey.
  • Mid-morning : Or a piece of fruit to choose between kiwi, strawberries, orange and tangerine, or a low-fat yogurt , preferably protein.
  • Lunch : Scrambled wild asparagus with egg. Grilled chicken.
  • Snack: Either a piece of fruit to choose between kiwi, strawberries, orange and tangerine , or a handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts).
  • Dinner : Roasted vegetables and grilled salmon.

Approximate calories: 1,400

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2. If you are trying to reduce the consumption of animal protein

It is essential that, if you find yourself at this time, consult a specialist who supplements you beforehand , especially in vitamin B12. This is an example of a diet for one day if you are thinking of becoming a vegan or, at least, a flexiterian , or if you have already given up the consumption of animal protein. And very important: include seeds, because they contain essential fatty acids.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Smoothie or yogurt with vegetable protein (pea, rice, legumes), red fruits and some seeds.
  • Mid-morning : 5 walnuts and a low-fat yogurt .
  • Lunch : Chickpea salad with cucumber, tomato, carrot, green leaves and seeds (flax, chia -always ground-, hemp). A piece of seasonal fruit.
  • Snack : A whole wheat toast with EVOO and grated tomato .
  • Dinner : Scrambled vegetables with peppers, zucchini, onion and aubergine. If the egg has been excluded, this stir-fry can be made with tofu . A piece of seasonal fruit.

Approximate calories: 1,700

3. If you can’t get by without snacking

The ideal in this case is to increase the protein and fiber intake in all menus, snack on nuts and plan 5 meals that are very satisfying . For example, make sure that breakfast always has some egg. And accompany all meals with carrot or cucumber sticks .

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Scrambled 2 eggs or French omelette with a chopped tomato and black coffee or infusion.
  • Mid-morning : A banana. A handful (25 to 30 g.) of peanuts or almonds.
  • Lunch : Grilled turkey or chicken with lots of water -rich, low calorie vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, eggplant, steamed or baked. A serving of watermelon or melon. Kefir or protein yogurt with red berries.
  • Snack : A whey protein shake .
  • Dinner : Blue fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel or anchovies) with a bunch of grilled asparagus.

Approximate calories: 1,600

4. Low Calorie Diets, If you lead a sedentary life

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First of all, before proposing a diet, we advise you to take sedentary breaks every hour, at most, and at least get up from your chair so that you can also take your eyes off the computer. Take a walk , even in your office, for 5 minutes.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : 5 nuts, a piece of fruit, a whole wheat toast with oil and tomato . Coffee with a dash of skimmed milk.
  • Mid-morning : A piece of fruit .
  • Lunch : Chicken skewers with cherry tomatoes. baked. Cristina Barrous advises dressing them with Provencal herbs and a mince of garlic , parsley, lemon, EVOO and salt, before putting them in the oven. Finally, a piece of fruit.
  • Snack : a flea of ​​York ham .
  • Dinner : Mixed salad and a slice of grilled grouper . A natural skimmed yogurt.

Approximate calories: 1,400

5. If you don’t have time for anything

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The nutritionist dietitian Paloma Quintana advises that, if you are always in a hurry, and you do not explain how, perhaps it is that you want to cover more than you can and set yourself goals that are too ambitious. What the expert recommends in these cases are ready-cooked dishes , which you can even find in the supermarket, or that are very quick to prepare, and make only the three main meals. Always keep seasonal fruits and nuts on hand to ensure healthy snacks. The most practical? Apples, tangerines, grapes… without fear of eating their calories, because you are eating two strong meals a day. You can take advantage and sign up for intermittent fasting. “If you eliminate dinner or breakfast, you will easily achieve a hypocaloric diet, but the other meals must be abundant, so it is important to have them ready,” says the expert.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Unsweetened coffee with an added scoop of whey protein.
  • Lunch : A ‘brick’ of gazpacho and half a roast chicken (which you can easily find in any supermarket). Fruit.
  • Dinner : Lettuce salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, hard-boiled egg and tuna and fruit with yogurt sauce .

Approximate calories: 1,500

6. If you like traditional food

Soups, stews without exceeding in oil, legume salads and menus that always have 3 dishes will be your allies. “It won’t feel like you’re watching your diet,” says food technologist Paloma Quintana.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Coffee cut with a Wasa-type bread toast with ham and natural tomato. A piece of fruit (kiwi or orange).
  • Mid-morning : Tortilla skewer and black coffee.
  • Lunch : Lentils with a lot of vegetables (leek, celery, carrot, spinach), and some cubes of turkey or beef. All stewed at the same time with very little oil and half a boat of crushed natural tomato.
  • Snack : Whole wheat toast with Burgos cheese .
  • Dinner : Julienne vegetable soup . A grilled hake fillet. Low calorie fruits such as strawberries, berries, watermelon, grapefruit or melon and/or unsweetened natural yogurt.

Approximate calories: 1,500

7. If you are premenstrual

These days you will need, above all, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids , and have the willpower to give up the thousands of sweets and fats that your body will ask for.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : a coffee with skimmed milk and whole wheat toast with EVOO, brewer’s yeast flakes and chia seeds .
  • Mid-morning : Nutricoach Cristina Barrous advises you to incorporate magnesium into your diet these days, magnesium ‘powerballs’ are super easy to make: crush 2 tablespoons of liquid peanut butter , 90 g. shelled roasted peanuts, 1 tablespoon of almond flour, 1 tablespoon of oats and 8 dates. Make small balls like truffles and put them in the fridge for two hours. Melt 40 g. of dark chocolate (+85%) and let cool. Introduce the balls one by one into the chocolate , and cool again for another two hours.
  • Lunch : An avocado salad with tomato . A grilled beef steak. A piece of fruit.
  • Snack : A handful of nuts .
  • Dinner : A green salad with a can of mackerel . A skimmed yogurt with red fruits.

Approximate calories: 2,000

8. If you don’t want your energy to decay

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The Medical Team of the Mira+Cueto Clinic recommends that you base yourself on foods rich in nutrients and with a high protein content . And for them, it is important not to go too many hours without eating so as not to have spikes in hypoglycemia that make you feel tired, as well as to avoid consuming sugary foods with a high glycemic index, such as sugary cereal bars or sugary drinks whose peak glucose drops make you sick. it will make you feel fatigued .

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Coffee or infusion with milk. Scrambled egg whites and tuna or turkey. Fruit.
  • Mid-morning : Smoothie fresh cheese , yogurt or kefir with nuts.
  • Lunch : Chickpea or lentil salad with tuna or chicken, cherry tomatoes, avocado, carrot and onion. Fruit.
  • Snack : Smoked salmon or turkey or serrano ham or tuna.
  • Dinner : Grilled zucchini. Golden baked.

Approximate calories: 1,500

9. If you live between meetings and parties

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The fundamental thing is to know how to manage good choices away from home . If not, you can balance it with the rest of the meals. If you eat the following meals away from home, this should be the priority :

  • Breakfast : Ask for black coffee or infusion without sugar or dairy . A French omelette or an omelette skewer.
  • Mid-morning : A coffee with soy milk and a toast with EVOO .
  • Lunch : Choose the maximum possible amount of fresh and raw vegetables, and that you can season them yourself . Better fish than meat. For dessert, always fruit . If there was no natural fruit, black coffee or infusion.
  • Snack : Always carry a banana, a small handful of nuts, a couple of hard-boiled eggs or whey protein powder with you .
  • Dinner : Always drink water, it can be with gas and lemon. Avoid alcohol and sugary soft drinks , and give up the bread that they put on you. Choose vegetables and protein sources that keep you satiated.
  • Cocktail: Take something nutritious at home before going out : boiled eggs, a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit, a protein shake or a bowl of yogurt with red fruits.

Approximate calories: 1,900

10. If you are passionate about spoon dishes

You don’t have to give them up. In fact, a good vegetable soup is one of the most nutritious and lowest calorie dishes that exist.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : A piece of fruit, porridge with soy milk.
  • Mid-morning : A skimmed yogurt with a handful of hazelnuts .
  • Lunch : Onion soup. Nutritional coach Cristina Barrous gives us her recipe, which she makes with 100 g . of onion cut into strips that she puts to poach with AOVE (extra virgin olive oil), salt and black pepper. When it is, put a teaspoon of wholemeal flour and 150 g. of vegetable broth, and cook over high heat for 20 minutes. Serve in a bowl and decorate with 10 g. of grated gruyère cheese . After the soup, a grilled chicken breast fillet. A pear.
  • Snack : A whole wheat toast with tomato and EVOO.
  • Dinner : A ‘minestrone’ soup (vegetable). Half a dozen grilled anchovies . A skimmed yogurt.

Approximate calories: 1,800

11. If you do sports every day

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It is important that all intakes include protein, because it is how you will find yourself more satisfied. Pasta (whole wheat) is also key for athletes.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : A piece of fruit, a low-fat yogurt with cereals. Whole wheat toast with a medium slice of smoked salmon . Coffee.
  • Mid-morning : A slice of wholemeal bread with lettuce, tomato and tuna.
  • Lunch : Cristina Barrous proposes a plate of 100% whole wheat pasta or legumes with soy bolognese in which you will replace the meat with a handful of fine-grained textured soybeans that you will hydrate in lukewarm water for between 30 and 120 minutes. For dessert, two pieces of fruit. Prepare enough mixture, and you can fill some aubergines , for example, for dinner.
  • Snack : A piece of fresh fruit and a low-fat yogurt with three nuts .
  • Dinner : A glass of gazpacho. A grilled gilthead bream with a medium boiled potato. A portion of fresh cheese.

Approximate calories: 1,700

12. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin

The beauty of the skin has a lot to do with how you eat . We must follow a diet low in sugars. Sugar is pro-inflammatory and worsens conditions like acne and rosacea. Instead, resort to less harmful sugars such as low glycemic index fruits (apples, grapefruit, cherries, plums…), drink vegetable drinks and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes, slow absorption carbohydrates .

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Oatmeal or coconut drink with chopped strawberries and cinnamon . Infusion of ‘roiboos’ (without sugar or sweeteners).
  • Mid-morning : 1 apple and 5 raw almonds .
  • Lunch : Lentil salad with pepper, onion, tuna and hard-boiled egg seasoned with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). 2 kiwis.
  • Snack : 1 protein yogurt and 3 nuts .
  • Dinner : Assorted salad with avocado and cooked prawns .

Approximate calories: 1,300

13. If you are a runner

Proteins , as well as a large amount of liquid (not only before and after running, but throughout the day) are your great allies.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Coffee with milk (can be semi-skimmed) and a two-egg French omelette . A piece of fruit.
  • Mid-morning : A piece of fruit or yogurt, which can be protein (and does not have to be skimmed).
  • Lunch : Nutrition coach Cristina Barrous recommends a pumpkin hummus salad , which you can make with a handful of fresh baby spinach, 1/2 cup diced sun-dried tomatoes , a hard-boiled egg, and a cup of pumpkin roasted in pieces, and four tablespoons of ‘hummus’. She places it separately on a plate, and adds a teaspoon of EVOO to everything. She ends with a piece of fruit .
  • Snack : A yogurt with fruit. Half a dozen nuts and an ounce of dark chocolate (85% cocoa).
  • Dinner : Green salad with tofu and shredded chicken.

Approximate calories: 1,500

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14. If you tend to retain liquids

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It happens to many girls. They think they have gained weight , but what happens to them is that they tend to retain liquid. Luckily, there are some allies that never fail. Take note of the recommendations of the medical team at the Mira Cueto Clinic: strawberries and red fruits are diuretic due to their high water and potassium content. They contain fiber, are laxatives and have a high content of vitamin C and iron. Kiwi is a good antioxidant, laxative and diuretic. Watermelon and melon are rich in fiber and water, which is why they have a satiating and diuretic effect. pineapple and papayathey contain enzymes that facilitate the digestion of proteins, improve digestive processes, are anti-inflammatory and diuretic, and favor the elimination of toxins.

As for vegetables, asparagus stimulates the kidney, facilitating the elimination of liquids. The artichoke has liver and kidney detoxifying function and helps to digest fats. Onion, tomato and leek are perfect in case of cellulite, as they improve blood circulation and facilitate the elimination of waste substances. Fennel and celery also have diuretic properties.

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Coffee or tea with semi-skimmed milk. Oatmeal porridge with soy or almond drink.
  • Mid-morning : A small bowl of strawberries.
  • Lunch : Sautéed artichokes with garlic and onion. Grilled Emperor.
  • Snack : ‘ Smoothie’ of papaya and natural pineapple .
  • Dinner : Raf tomato and kale salad. Asparagus omelette.

Approximate calories: 1,300

15. If you are always tired

Include in your diet foods rich in tryptophan , the serotonin precursor that stabilizes mood. Serotonin in turn is a precursor of melatonin , which induces sleep in the absence of light, facilitating night rest. It is contained in nuts (almonds, pistachios and cashews), salmon and tuna, anchovies and sardines, lean meat (chicken, turkey), eggs, dark chocolate , fruits such as bananas, pineapples and avocados. , vegetables such as asparagus, spinach and pumpkin , legumes , cereals, quinoa and chia.

Foods rich in iron , for their part, keep you from anemia, which manifests itself with fatigue and decreased intellectual performance. It is in meats, eggs, legumes, whole grains, dark chocolate, liver and animal offal, olives, and fruits such as raspberries, blackberries, and figs .

Example of daily menu

  • Breakfast : Coffee with oat milk. Toast with turkey breast. Natural orange .
  • Mid -morning : 2 kiwis.
  • Lunch : Spinach salad with cashews and quinoa . Garlic chicken, cooked with garlic, white wine, olive oil, fresh thyme, salt and pepper, and 4 small potatoes.
  • Snack : A natural yogurt with chia .
  • Dinner : Cream of leeks or zucchini. Omelette to taste. One ounce of dark chocolate.

Approximate calories: 1,900

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Propagating Succulents

FAQ : Low Calorie Diets

How many calories should I consume on a low calorie diets?

A low calorie diets typically involves consuming around 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day. However, the exact number of calories a person should consume depends on factors such as their age, gender, weight, and activity level. It’s important to speak with a healthcare provider before starting a low-calorie diet to determine the appropriate calorie intake for your individual needs.

Can I still eat my favorite foods on a low calorie diets?

It’s possible to incorporate some of your favorite foods into a low calorie diest, but it’s important to keep portion sizes in mind and focus on nutrient-dense, low-calorie options. For example, instead of a large slice of pizza, opt for a smaller slice with lots of veggies on top.

Will a low calorie diets make me lose muscle mass?

It’s possible to lose muscle mass on a low calorie diets, especially if you’re not getting enough protein. To minimize muscle loss, it’s important to incorporate strength training into your routine and consume enough protein to support muscle growth and repair.

Are there any health risks associated with a low calorie diets?

A low calorie diets can be safe for most people, but it’s important to speak with a healthcare provider before starting one, especially if you have any underlying health conditions. In some cases, a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) may be recommended, but this should only be done under medical supervision. VLCDs can be associated with certain risks, such as gallstones and electrolyte imbalances.

Can I exercise on a low calorie diets?

Yes, it’s possible to exercise on a low-calorie diet, but it’s important to listen to your body and adjust your workouts as needed. Depending on your calorie intake and activity level, you may need to reduce the intensity or duration of your workouts to avoid fatigue and injury. Additionally, it’s important to fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods to support your workouts and recovery.

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