How to Fix Roomba Error 14 ? Quick & Easy in 2023

Did you got error and worrying to fix Roomba error 14 ?

Did you got error and worrying to fix Roomba error 14 ? Keep Roomba running at peak performance perform a few simple maintenance tasks regularly including emptying the bin and cleaning the filter open the bin door and empty it into the trash push down and remove to clean filter then slide back in filters should be replaced every two months return the filter to the bin and place the bin back in the robot. Then see if, roomba error 14 still there.

Remove Basket

Basket where it collects the dust is not recognizing. So the first thing we are going to do is remove the basket and we are going to see where the sensor is ok. This is the basket that is not recognizing it and there we are seeing that there are two pins that are the ones that make connection with the sensor. These are the ones that determine if the basket is in place.

Clean Basket Connecting Pins

If it is rusted due to some liquids, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to put a metal blade to scratch a little bit the inside of the sensors and after scratching it we’re going to clean it with isopropyl alcohol and we’re going to brush it with a toothbrush to make sure that the brass is clean enough and we’re going to guarantee a better contact. May be then it will remove roomba error 14.

Cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol

Okay so much in the physics that is here in the in the vacuum cleaner as the two sheets that are in the in the basket once we have scratched the first thing we do is that we pass with a brush to remove all the dust and small residue that we have left and now we are going to make another cleaning that is with isopropyl alcohol okay we impregnate it we leave it a few seconds to act and now we can brush it directly.

We are going to do exactly the same with the other side, okay we are going to leave the robot here a little bit apart, we are going to go to this side and we can see that there is quite a lot of dirt accumulated there on the two plates, so what we are going to do is rub it with the wire pencil.

Apply Oil or Vaseline

We rub both sides of each connector and we do exactly the same operation first we scrape to remove all the dirt we are going to pass a brush and then we are going to clean with isopropyl alcohol these contacts if you want if you want with a little Vaseline cream you can keep it pretty well okay throwing a little bit of Vaseline cream that will facilitate the electrical contact because it does not get so dirty.

Here we are rubbing the last contact and we always clean and after cleaning we do the last cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. That is what we will do, we will remove any small moisture that may have left on a metal. The truth is that it had enough time possibly having passed cleaning the roomba vacuum cleaner.

Well, it consumes a lot of time and that is what may be happening to us now. We will insert it and give it half a turn and we will test our equipment to see if it wants to start or not. Here we can see that it is on has been on at all times we press the power button and now we can see how it wants to start the march automatically so we already have it fixed.

Cleaning Extenal

We always have to keep as clean as possible our roomba robot vacuum cleaner. Since we are going to take advantage and we are going to do an external cleaning , we are going to clean it with the paper instead of applying the cleaner directly to the robot. We clean everything that is the surface and we will remove some dust that has accumulated especially in the slots this front which is a slot you have.

Movement okay there is a bumper that has to move forward and backward so we need that side is always as clean as possible on the bottom there are optical sensors that we also have to be careful to clean them okay in this case are quite blinded by dust to see if they can be appreciated well Now here from the camera and how to clean it would be exactly the same impregnate.

The paper and now here we are cleaning what is the bottom, now I am going to show you how to clean what are the optical sensors that are on the front, they are small methacrylate windows that have a reflective infrared sensor so that if there is a lot of dust in front of the methacrylate, obviously we leave it blind and it is not able to see.

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Further we clean a little bit the wheel on one side and the other. Now what we do is we put it we are going to insert it with a clamp here. The drop sensor is on the front is the sensor of blow and below is the drop sensor that what it does is that it detects if there is a ladder or if there is a hole where you can fall.

It can fall and on the front what it does is that when it hits the plastic part that moves is the one that makes optical sensor and that is why it goes any obstacle that you have in front of you. So you have to clean the front and just the bottom that are the two windows that we see is worth we do this with the four sensors that carry.

Hope it will fix roomba error 14, or below you can find video for better understanding.

How to Fix Roomba Error 14

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